Open Innovation

open innovation

Introduction At the World IP Summit in Amsterdam in October 2018 one of the buzz terms was “open innovation”. The concept is not new. But it seems that more and more global players, such as Facebook, Philips, Lego and Huawei, are effectively using the approach for their benefits. For example, Huawei has established a network…

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Business name registration vs trade mark registration


Congratulations, you have chosen a business name and registered it through the ASIC website. Now you have the legal rights to stop anyone else using your business name. Wrong. A business name registration through ASIC is compulsory, but it does not give you any legal rights. In fact, only a registered trade mark gives you…

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What is a patent attorney?

patent attorney

What is a Patent Attorney? Let’s all be clear, the term “attorney” is confusing. It’s the American term for a lawyer. However, an Australian patent attorney is actually not a lawyer.*   What we have in common with lawyers We provide legal services and we have a law degree. Yet, we are not admitted to…

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Software patents in Australia

software patents

Are computer and software inventions patentable in Australia? The short answer: it depends! In this post we will take a look at what type of software inventions are patentable Australia. We also look at some examples of granted software patents. This should give you some guidance as to whether your invention may be patentable. However,…

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