Software patents in Australia

software patents

Are computer and software inventions patentable in Australia? The short answer: it depends! In this post we will take a look at what type of software inventions are patentable Australia. We also look at some examples of granted software patents. This should give you some guidance as to whether your invention may be patentable. However,…

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Australian Innovation Patent not dead!

Australian Innovation Patent

Overview In recent years, there has been an ongoing discussion to abolish the Australian innovation patent. In fact, the Intellectual Property Law Amendments Bill 2017 included specific plans to slowly phase out the innovation patent.  However, when the Bill was introduced into Parliament, the section dealing with the abolishment was removed. As such, we are happy…

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V energy maker loses trade mark battle in Australia

Frucor, a New Zealand beverage maker lost its 6 year battle against Coca Cola to register a colour trade mark for the colour green. Frucor is the maker of the popular V energy drink which has been sold in its signature green cans since 1997.   Court decision On Monday, 2 July 20018 Justice David…

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