Landscape searching | Prior art searching | Infringement searching | New knowledge searching


Before undertaking R&D activities to develop a new product, it is important to consider two main questions:

  • Is my product new?
  • Would my product infringe someone else’s registered IP?

We can assist in answering these questions by searching various databases.

Free Patent Databases

There are a number of patent databases that can be searched for free and we typically recommend to our clients to do some initial searching to save costs.

We would recommend the following patent databases as they are relatively easy to use and free:

Our searching services

If you require more comprehensive searching and a written analysis of the search results, we can assist you with the following searching services:

  • Novelty searching and analysis to identify technologies that are published,
  • Freedom to operate searching and analysis to answer the question whether your new product infringes someone else’s IP;
  • Landscape and market searching to identify your competitors and any technology protected in a particular market sector; and
  • New knowledge searching and analysis to support your R&D tax incentive claim.